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Advanced Nano Acupuncture (PDO) Treatment – Gone are my Headaches, Body pain, Insomnia, Fatigue, Neuralgia

I have been suffering with severe headaches pain in the face and jaw neck shoulder legs/shin and left forearm.
Very light headed and fatigue. Twitching Eyes.
I have not been sleeping well.
After going to a gp and some meds were prescribed I felt worst then ever not long after that I came to see Dr Patel.
After my consultation we opted for the
PDO nanotechnology acupuncture.
Immediately the pain in my arm went away. The pain in my jaw subsided I was so relaxed and felt very calm. The needle that is put on the thumb accu pressure point has a pulling sensation. That night I slept like a baby .. By the next day the thumb pulling sensation  subsided. My pain in my shoulder were gone, my twitching of my eyes and pain in the jaw disappeared..I did have pain in the head  and neck abit light headed and as dr gave some meds I started to take them I have been sleeping well and on the 3rd Morning I woke up with no pain in the head or neck.
And the most important thing was after the treatment Dr has kept in touch on a daily bases about my recovery.
I will surely recommend Dr Patel.
Thank You Dr Patel

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