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First Time experience PDO Nanotechnology Acupuncture, Anxiety, Moody, Panic…

Hereby my testimony on the nanotechnology acupuncture PDO treatment

Let me start off by saying it was amazing.
Never had any sort of acupuncture done before. I was a bit skeptic on how it would work.
The effects were immediate but not overwhelmingly so. There is a feeling of alignment. Just a few needles took off so much

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Hip Pain, Not Anymore With Nanotechnology PDO Treatment

I have been battling with a pain on my hip and back since 2013 post my car accident I had in 2007 .
I couldn’t sleep at night I would wake up during the night and sometimes even cry and think that the only solution is for God to take me. When it comes to driving a long distance

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PDO Nanotech Acupuncture Helped My Insomnia

I am grateful for dr Mohammed…the nano tech acupuncture as helped me so much with my insomnia…I sleep much better now. I highly recommend.

Cronic Pain And Living With Epilepsy. PDO Nanotechnology Acupuncture

First I would like to explain what the type of pain I had to live through for many years.

My pain scale was never under 7 of 10 and most of the it range between a 8 to 9 and when I had episode 10 out of 10 where my team of specialist had to admister me with

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