Calm, Cool and Collected

A few months ago I suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks. I was reluctant to try acupuncture and Chinese medication. I eventually tried and the result was amazing. I feel better and no more panic attacks and anxiety.     Shaakira

First Time Acupuncture Whilst On Tour – A

As a student of naturopathic medicine, I appreciate Dr Muhammed Patel’s respect for all healing disciplines. His approach to acupuncture doesn’t take away from other disciplines; rather, he uses his experience with acupuncture to complement and enhance the nutritional principles that I have studied and practiced. He is always willing to explain what he’s doing and why he’s using a

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First Time Acupuncture Whilst On Tour – B

I also came to Dr. Muhammed Patel with some persistent upper back and shoulder pain that occurred due to excessive travel and teaching. After one session, the acupuncture was able to relieve the back and shoulder pain that numerous massages were unable to treat. I am honestly amazing by the effectiveness of acupuncture and would highly recommend it for a

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First Time Acupuncture Whilst On Tour – C

I was once quite skeptical about acupuncture. But I have definitely become a believer. My son had hurt his foot badly and could not stand on it at all. We had to get him crutches and he was even in a wheelchair for some time. After only two sessions of acupuncture, he was literally able to stand on the injured

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