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Cronic Pain And Living With Epilepsy. PDO Nanotechnology Acupuncture

First I would like to explain what the type of pain I had to live through for many years.

My pain scale was never under 7 of 10 and most of the it range between a 8 to 9 and when I had episode 10 out of 10 where my team of specialist had to admister me with morphine. I had meningitis in 2016 for 4 weeks and somehow servide that.

Then went for a back operation 2020. Just recently I had a blood transfusion due to anemia. I already had 6 lumbar punction done my last one I found out, I had a infection in my spine. I suffer for serve migraines and use to take up to 18 pain killers a day. Yes I know it is not good for a person body, I will not even mention my chronical medication. So my husband find Dr Patel went for the first session he explaind the process, done the normal acupunture, pain went away but came back. Then we went for the follow up and we went for the PDO nano technology enhanced acupuncture treatment. And for the first time in so many years instant pain free. The scale drop from 8 to 9 to a 5 to 6 and after two days 2 to 3 I barely use pain killers, I feel energetic, happy, relaxed and if I feel some discomferd I just stimulate the pionts and instant pain releave. And with Dr Patel medication that is all natural my life change in a weeks time. Im going back to do the rest of the other points as well. No more western medication for me.