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Advanced Nano Acupuncture (PDO) Treatment – Headaches

I have been getting mild to extreme headaches quite frequently. Dr Patel recommended the nano acupuncture needle treatment (opd) for this condition. This process was done by insertion of an acupuncture needle on a desired point. A micro thread (opd) was  dislodged from the acupuncture needle into the desired location beneath the skin surface. The acupuncture needle was then removed. Dr Patel explained in detail how to get maximum benefit from this treatment. At first I was skeptical about the results, however after the 1st onset of a mild headache, I followed the treatment process and realized that within 30 minutes the headache subsided and disappeared. This happened 3 consecutive times. Prior to this treatment, these mild headaches would progress to severe headaches lasting many hours, and I would resort to paracetamol and stronger pills. I’m amazed and satisfied with the results of this treatment and highly recommend it.