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Advanced Nano Acupuncture (PDO) Treatment – MS after Covid

It all started in May 2021. I started getting severe headaches and did not know what to do I then was advised by my doctor at that time to go for an MRI and Lumber Punch.
I had Covid and was then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
From there my journey was a roller-coaster and I didn’t seem to touch ground with the way I felt.
I still had headaches, and body pain which was unbearable at times.
The multiple sclerosis medication messed me up as well. I was on Aubagio tablets which had major side effects I constantly had a burning stomach and a bitter taste in my mouth.. I had horrible body pain.
But after I did the PDO nano acupuncture I feel a major difference in the way I feel. I have energy and virtually no pain. My body pain has reduced to virtually no pain.
My fatigue is gone. I can sleep much better at night. Before I was an insomniac I could not sleep and was very restless but after I did the acupuncture I can finally sleep at night peacefully