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Advanced Nano Acupuncture (PDO) Treatment – Nine years of Seizures vanished after just 3 days of Acupuncture

My name is Thembi. My daughter’s name is Nosipho. In 2002  Nosipho was hit by a car and was hospitalized  for 6 weeks in icu. She had suffered  head injury. It was a very difficult  time  for us. In 2012 she started  having seizures. I took her to the clinic  and  the sister  gave  me a referal  letter to take  her to the hospital. The doctor put her on a treatment for epilepsy. The seizures  I was told by the  doctor  was due to the  accident and  her brain  was affected. She took the  medication  but  she was  still  having the seizures. So in 2019 I was listening radio  and the topic was about  acupuncture  and that it can cure  epilepsy. I told  Nosipho  about  it. I googled  and looked  for more information  about acupuncture. I than googled  for the nearest  doctor. I came  across  Dr Patel. I called him  and  he explained  to me. I booked  for an appointment cause  I could  hear that  he knows  his work. I was  really impressed by  his explaining things. On 7 May  I took  her  for  her  first session.  When we got there ,Dr  also explain  to us about the laser acupuncture. We opted for the  laser acupuncture. I don’t  regret it

She started on the 7 May 2020 with her first session. She had her last  seizure  on the 10 May 2020. Until today she  did not have  a seizure. She only take  the medication  which  was subscribed  by Dr Payel. In a short space of time, I have observed  so many changes in my child. She was moody, angry but now with the sessions that she attend, she is calm and a lot of things  had changed. It is all a process. Thank you  Dr Patel