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I m a mother of four and fourty years old .I would like to share my experience of Dr Muhammed Patels treatment
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My daughter who is currently seven years old was born  premature, she suffered from chronic cough and a very low immune system. She has been on Dr Muhammeds treatment. She takes the kids granules to boost her immune system that helps with her cough Thumbs up sign?she currently does not use the pump and takes the herbs every morning and evening. Dr.Patel has helped her immensely ?

I was suffering from severe chronic headaches and migraines and I was full time on western medication dr Muhammed treated my migraine with acupuncture and there was immediate relief, he immediately put me on his medication and thankfully I donot use western medication at all because his treatment was sufficient to sort out all my stress and migraines

Recently, I was so impressed with Dr Muhammeds treatment with my daughters fractured arm.
The healing process occurred almost immediately thanks to the laser acupuncture. The orthopedic surgeon was amazed that the tissues started healing so rapidly and to my amazement she did not need her arm brace anymore, this happened over two or three days Perfect score ('100')

I would recommend dr Muhammed Patels treatment in acupuncture and herbal medicine to anyone seeking a holistic healthy and effective remedy regarding their health issues.
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