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Acupuncture helped me after 9 moths of suffering

Ok so I hurt my leg somehow very badly and lost feeling to my toes and foot all together I saw my dr 6 times and walked 8 months like this cause they couldn’t tell me why ….and after going to physio treatment IN BRAKPAN AND GETTING CHARGED R450 FOR A FU#@&*^g HOT WATER BOTTLE TREATMENT… I was up the next time I saw the poor Dr I let it rip and gave it to her…being frustrated I come home and looked up on the Internet for a (needle dr) and found per accident Dr.PATELS NR…so I phoned him and made a appointment…next day I’m on my way to SPRING 2ND AVE to go see him…well getting in 2nd ave I told my wife that NOBODY WAS GOING TO STICK ME WITH ANY NEEDLE IN 2AVE due to the conditions in springs..she told me go in and just take a look I said she was insane but like she is she got me out the car and into the Dr Patel office…no this is where the fun starts…HELLS BELLS…not even my own dr office looks as nice DR PATELS offices THIS IS THE TYPE OF DOCTOR THAT PHONES YOU EVERYDAY AFTER SEEING HIM…JUST TO SEE HOW YOU DOING..Did a full in depth interview with me so HE COULD PIN POINT …THE CAUSE OF ALL THIS …LONG STORIE SHORT …2 treatments at R200 and some herbal pills I HAD FEELING BACK IN MY LEG WAS WALKING AGAIN 100% AND stol after my treatment still calls to see how I am doing… FU#$/^&G AMAZING DR PATEL YOU THE FREAKING KING THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING…don’t always believe our house dr…try n 2nd OPINION ..DR PATEL…U MIGHT BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED …THX DR FOR ALL