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Advanced Nano Acupuncture (PDO) Treatment – 1 Year of Shoulder Pain ….

I had an injury to my left shoulder rotator cuff area at the end of last year(2019).
The recovery had been slow and steady and was still struggling with mobility in certain positions and sharp pain as well.
Treatments with the physiotherapy and biokinetist brought steady but slow improvement.

I had the IOD acupuncture treatment done by Dr Muhammed Patel.The response and improvement was noticable by the next day..Mobility had improved and pain levels subsided and was now localised just at the  joint area and only in a certain unconventional i was very happy with this.

And as the days went.. the improvement was still noticeable.
It also helped with recovery from my runs and fatigue levels. Sleep patterns also improved..
I would attribute the weakness in the muscle in that area to the inability to exercise the area without pain..
But now i am able to do some easy strengthening exercises as well ..since the pain levels have dropped.