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No Chronic Medication Anymore

I have suffered from anaemia and low haemoglobin levels for many yrs, with associated low blood pressure and light-headedness, occasional nasal congestion and post nasal drip.
Along with that I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis some years back and have been on chronic meds ever since.
The chronic meds had their fair share of side effects but stopping the meds had worse effects.

At the beginning of lockdown, I was not feeling well. I was experiencing mild shortness of breath. And occasional light-headedness. The approaching autumn weather was causing a mild tightness of the chest too. This would immediately worsen if I was out in a cold wind or caught in a draft.

Dr Patel consulted and prescribed Traditional Chinese medication. He explained how the body processes different experiences, like heat, cold, dampness, etc and how it collectively affects your immunity.

Over the last few months of treatment, I have experienced a significant improvement in all aspects of health, including some areas that were not even problematic. The medication being natural, means little or NO side effects.
The tightness of the chest is no longer an issue even if I am outside in the cold, my body is now able to fight off the cold and heat and not internalise it.

I no longer experience light-headedness as before. Nasal congestion is much less and infrequent, as well as the post nasal drip. I have also not taken my chronic meds for colitis since starting with Dr Patels treatment.

I would highly recommend Dr Patels treatment for whatever is affecting you.
His method of explanation also helps you understand your body better.