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(COPD) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Not Obstructive Anymore

I came to know of  Dr Mohamed Patel, immediately something told me to contact him, I appreciated Dr gave me a appointment immediately, I was diagnosed with COPD for many years , been on pumps. I took a turn in January 2020, my lung function had drop, I was prescribed with  breezehaler to add to my , symbicord, Asthavent Pumps, I had 2  flare ups within 5 Months, the one in June was bad , been in bed for 2 to 3 weeks, nabulising and really medicating myself ,
Consulting with Dr Mohamed Patel, and put me on to meds, and 1 acupuncture treatment  within 3 days, my lung function amazing feels normal.
Started medication  on a Thursday by Sunday with in 3 days my  lungs are feeling normal, not really getting short of breath, I am managing 11 hours a day and walking about the same hours , coping well.
Up till now so far so good.Results are Alhamdulillah with the mercy of Allah.
From Boksburg.