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No hope, Heart Failure…………..A Miracle

My elderly father was diagnosed with congenital heart failure earlier 2019. The Cardiologist who examined him said there was nothing more that could be done for him, so he was “sent packing” with more of the same medicines that were, in part, contributory to his disease. At this stage he also had gout, an undiagnosed skin condition & several other symptoms of a failing body‚Ķbut, instead of giving up, we researched alternative medicines & found Dr Patel. After the very 1st treatment my father walked out of his consultation room without his crutch. Less than a week later his skin condition (diagnosed by Dr Patel as skin heat) & gout were subsiding & his overall pain levels went from a 7 (on a scale of 10) to a 5, then a 3 & after 2 treatments, a 0. It’s early days, but we are highly impressed with my father’s progress thus far & Dr Patel’s professional demeanor. He explains everything in layman’s terms & patiently addresses our endless questions. He restored our hope that my father’s condition will continue to improve & that’s more than we’ve had with Western practitioners & medicines.