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Sleeping like a baby, Anxiety gone and my eyes better

Had eye problems from dec 2017,went to different eye specialists and given drops,ointments etc etc,would only get temp relief if any,others said its allergy,others mentioned other things even had two eye ops.then from all this eye troubles,i also developed insomnia,extreme anxiety,restlessness,headaches etc,i have not slept properly or enough( if i did sleep it was 2hrs max), been taking sleeping pills( i hate them), sometimes still didnt sleep after a sleeping pill,or sleep just 2hrs.this has bern going on since dec 2017 to jan 2018,so i have been extremely cut long story short,in jan 2018 i heard of alternative healing so i decided to try it, dried another place and nothing changed, i googled and came across Dr Patel and i thought let me try,been trying everywhere so one more try wont hurt. I was impressed from the email he send me explaining how consultation works,so i went for 1st appointment was 16 Jan 2019,Dr Patel took his time to do a proper consultation,asking questions,then explained to me using a chart how the systems work and how my illnesses were a symptom of which issue,so def treating the symptoms will not work when the actual problem us not attended to,i did two treatments so far plus the meds he gave me,i can say only from that i have seen massive improvement,i have not taken a sleeping pill since 16 jan,i sleep/sleep has improved,anxuety levels down,i feel lighter,im going back for another treatment to ensure all the negative energies and illness of over a year are all gone,but im super impressed that just with two treatments( laser accupuncture and energy healing plus the meds) im seeing such a difference,i highly recommend Dr Patel,he is patient and explains very well and you can still talk to him over the phone after your consultation.Thank you Dr Patel for helping me find myself and my health again.