Continuous Uncontrollable Hiccups, gone after 10 minutes

I have had an allergic reaction to a combination of a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory prescribed to me by my GP, whereby I contract continuous uncontrollable hiccups…really annoying…Dr Patel suggested Accupuncture to try to alleviate the problem. With a mere ten minute session I was relieved from a two-day continuous hiccup struggle!
Thanks doc!
Muhammad Sayed

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No more Stomach Pains. I should have tried Traditional Chinese Medicine first.

Dear Dr Patel

Thank you for the help and journey I could experience with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I have been struggling in 2016 with severe stomach pains that felt like stabs in the stomach. I went from pillar to post to Specialists, Homeopaths and Herbalists, they could not find the cause off the problem, or supply me with

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Advanced Nano Acupuncture (PDO) Treatment – Headaches

I have been getting mild to extreme headaches quite frequently. Dr Patel recommended the nano acupuncture needle treatment (opd) for this condition. This process was done by insertion of an acupuncture needle on a desired point. A micro thread (opd) was  dislodged from the acupuncture needle into the desired location beneath the skin surface. The acupuncture needle was then removed.

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Nano Acupuncture helped my sinuses and immune system

Good day

My name is Kamaal. I own a business that does Sanitization. Due to the current Pandemic I felt like i was being exposed to high risk areas so I approached Dr Muhammed Patel for the accupunture immune booster. That was one week ago. I want to say that I feel fantastic. I have more energy than

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