Recovered after Covid test

I’m a 54 years old and was tested positive with covid19 virus that’s when I consulted Dr Muhammed and he started me on Chinese meds which I took and now feeling much better, alhamdulilah, I definitely would recommend Dr Patel

G.E.R.D now Gone

 I’m a 39 year old female, who was diagnosed with G.E.R.D. by my G.P. Symptoms included severe heartburn, pain in the abdomen and it always felt I have something sucked in my throat. After being on the GP’s prescribed medication for a month there was no improvement and that’s when I decided to consult Dr. M. Patel. I’ve been taking

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Advanced Nano Acupuncture (PDO) Treatment – Nine years of Seizures vanished after just 3 days of Acupuncture

My name is Thembi. My daughter’s name is Nosipho. In 2002  Nosipho was hit by a car and was hospitalized  for 6 weeks in icu. She had suffered  head injury. It was a very difficult  time  for us. In 2012 she started  having seizures. I took her to the clinic  and  the sister  gave  me a referal  letter to take 

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Finally finally I was able to find peace of mind, health and energy

After six years of pain and overs R500 000  in medicals treatments, going from one specialist to another with out any results, and statements like “its chronic, all you can do is manage it with medication” , and through the years only getting worse with no relief. Finally finally I was able to find peace of mind, health and energy.

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